"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."  Sydney J. Harris   

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Teaching Trunk

Q: Where did the idea for the Teaching Trunks come from?

A: Recognizing that our local museum's collections are a wonderful teaching resource, and 
    recognizing that taking a field trip to the museum itself is not always possible, the Teaching
    Trunks project was initiated to bring the museum to the classroom. An added benefit of the
    Teaching Trunks project is that materials from the museum can be provided to teachers
    and students around a particular theme that correlates to the students' grade level.
    Teaching Trunks contain lesson plans and activity ideas that utilize local primary source
    items such as photographs, documents, maps, and artifacts that reflect our region's rich
    heritage. Because each trunk includes both lesson plans and the actual historical items, it is
    designed to be a "ready-to-go" instructional kit, freeing the teacher of much of the
    resource-gathering and instructional planning that typically precedes unique learning
    experiences and readily placing artifacts from our region's history into the hands of

Q: Is the stuff in the Teaching Trunks really old?

A: While all of the items in the trunk come from "the past," some of the items are
    reproductions. This is especially true of some of the photographs and documents. By
    providing a reproduction, the museum is able to preserve the original and still allow students
    to view and handle a facsimile of the original. However, when possible we do try to include
    an original artifact.

Q: Can my students touch the things in the Teaching Trunks?

A: Yes. That's one of the purposes for bringing it into the classroom. Of course they will wear
    special gloves so as to protect the items.

Q: Who is in charge of the Teaching Trunks project?

A: Her name is Jodi Huggins. Jodi is a Technology Integration Specialist at Brevard College and
    a former Instructional Technologist and classroom teacher for Transylvania County

Q: How can my students get involved in preserving the history and culture of

A: If you or your students are interested in learning more about preserving the history and
    culture of our local community and region, please contact the Transylvania Heritage
    Museum (heritage@comporium.net). You might also be interested in the following:
Transylvania County Library Local History Room also Digital NC.

Q: Is there addional information about Transylvania County?

A: Yes. Go to this link to view a very nice video about Transylvania County.

Teacher: C. Whitman

The "Traveling Transylvania Trunk" was an absolutely wonderful learning tool for my fourth graders. The amount of time and energy that was taken to pull materials and construct lessons for this trunk was phenomenal and the excitement over the trunk and its contents was awesome. The lessons included in the trunk were right on track for fourth graders and covered many content areas. Students were able to learn so much about the history and economy of our county by analyzing photographs and artifacts. By allowing students to wear gloves and use magnifying glasses during these lessons, the students felt as if they were detectives searching through decades of Transylvania's history.


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